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HDTV Amplifiers

Different types of preamplifiers and distribution amplifiers are required to boost the signal levels up either at the antenna or in the home, and signal splitters are required to divide the signals for multiple outlets. Channel Master provides a full range of professional quality preamplifiers, distribution amplifiers and signal splitters, including:
  • Channel Master TV antenna preamplifiers, small amplifying devices that are mounted on the mast or antenna boom as close to the antenna output terminals as possible, so that the strength of a very weak signal is increased (amplified) before it enters the coaxial cable for distribution into the house.

  • Channel Master TV signal distribution amplifiers, used to increase the strength of received signals to a level that is greater than the signal losses associated with the TV signal distribution system in the house to ensure all your TV sets receive the proper strength signals.

  • Channel Master TV signal splitters, which are an efficient and practical way to divide and distribute a signal to multiple TV outlets in a home.
Each category in this section has more information regarding the uses and requirements for these products.