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Mounting Hardware and Accessories

Mounting Hardware & Accessories

Channel Master provides a full range of professional quality mounts, masts, and necessary accessories to install your new antenna, or add additional outlets to your existing in-house TV signal distribution network. These product offerings include:
  • Antenna masts in various lengths from 5’ for attic, rooftop, chimney, and wall installations to 50’ telescoping masts for maximum antenna height. The antenna masts are weather resistant, strong and durable.

  • A full range of options for mounting masts directly to chimneys, roofs, eaves, and walls, including a 3’ tripod for roof and attic antenna installations.

  • A TV antenna rotator system that includes an infra-red remote control for easy adjustments of the rotator control unit.

  • Professional grade satellite alignment meters which are used to align satellite dishes. They provide the ability to power the LNB to aid in tuning and alignment right at the dish, and provide a meter to indicate the highest signal level, ensuring a high quality satellite dish installation.

  • Channel Master also provides guy wire for antenna masts over 10’ in height, multi-conductor rotator wire for connection to the control unit, various types of standout clamps for holding the wires going to the antenna and rotator, grounding/bonding blocks for connecting the antenna system to ground, wall plates for use at the outlet locations, and other accessories needed for antenna system installation. We always recommend grounding your coaxial cable and supporting longer antenna masts with guy wire.
At Channel Master, we want you to feel secure and confident in your TV signal network installation endeavors, whether it is for a TV antenna, cable TV, satellite, or any other RF distribution network, which is why we hold true to our commitment of producing high quality products that are built for longevity and stability.

Each category in this section has more information regarding the uses and requirements for these products.