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Antenna Mounts

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Channel Master CM 3078 Universal Roof / Attic Mount (CM3078) Channel Master CM 3079 4 inch Wall Mount (CM3079) Channel Master CM 3080 Antenna Chimney Mount 1 Pair (CM3080)
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $14.00
Our Price: $19.00
CM 3078 TV Antenna Roof/Attic Mount CM 3079 TV Antenna Wall Mount CM 3080 TV Antenna Chimney Mount
Channel Master CM 3092 3 ft Tripod Mount (CM3092) Channel Master CM 9017 U-Bolt and Nest Assembly(CM9017) Channel Master CM 9025 3" Heavy-Duty Wall Mount - 1 Pair (CM9025)
Our Price: $39.00
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $16.00
TV Antenna Tripod Mount CM-3092 TV Antenna Mount CM 9017 TV Antenna Mount U-Bolt CM 9025 TV Antenna Wall Mount
Channel Master CM 9030 Adjustable Eave Mount (CM9030)
Our Price: $35.00
CM 9030 TV Antenna Eave Mount
Antenna Mounts

Any rooftop, wall, chimney, attic, ground, eave, or vent pipe installation requires a proper mount. With many versatile installation options, it’s no surprise Channel Master offers a variety of high quality mounts that will work for almost any outdoor antenna installation, including a solution for individuals living in apartments or are in living situations which limit the possibility of traditional mounting: the 3ft TV antenna Tripod Mount which is designed to work with our Universal mast that works with all Channel Master TV antennas. Channel Master even includes a unique DBS style J mount that allows a small antenna to be mounted on some satellite dish supports.

The biggest thing to consider when deciding which mount to purchase is where you want to install your outdoor antenna (roof, attic, chimney, or wall). Also, consider the diameter of the antenna mast you will be using and clarify that it will fit with your antenna mount. The diameter of all Channel Master masts are compatible with all Channel Master antenna mounts.
  • Chimney mounting - Requires a sturdy and vertical chimney and is relatively easy to install, but the smoke and gases from the chimney may shorten the life of the outdoor TV antenna. Do not mount an antenna on a deteriorated chimney.

  • Attic mounting - Installations are the easiest, fastest, most economical, and most convenient. TV antenna attic mounting installations are possible if the size of the attic permits it (most do not) and if strong signals are present.

  • Outdoor Balun - Channel Master provides high performance replacement outdoor baluns (matching transformers) for connecting 300 ohm antennas to 75 ohm coaxial cable. These are manufactured to industry standards, and provide excellent matching and low insertion loss.

  • Roof mounts - Can be done in one of two ways. There are two types of TV antenna roof mounts: a base mount and a TV antenna tripod mount. Unlike the TV antenna chimney mount, a base mount holds the TV antenna mast at only one point - the bottom. Consequently, the TV antenna mast must be supported by guy wires, regardless of the TV antenna mast length. TV antenna tripod mounts are stronger, more rugged, and preferred over the base mount when possible. Guy wires aren’t usually needed for 5’ antenna masts in the tripod mount, but are recommended for 10’ antenna masts and higher, even in a tripod mount.

  • Eave or wall mounting - Installations use clamps that are bolted directly to the wood of the house. Different length standoffs from 3” to 18” are available for wall mounting to ensure the antenna mast is mounted so it will clear the roof overhang. Eave mounting uses an adjustable strap to adjust to different roof angles.

  • The DBS style J mount - Can be mounted directly on a wall, eave or roof, and can also be mounted on some satellite dish supports.