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Antenna Rotator

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Channel Master CM 9521A Complete Antenna Rotator System with Infra-Red Remote Control (CM9521A) Channel Master CM 9537 Antenna Rotator Control Unit (CM9537) Channel Master CM 4513130 Antenna Rotator Control Unit Remote Control (CM4513130)
Our Price: $119.00
Our Price: $49.00
Our Price: $19.99
CM 9521A Complete TV Antenna Rotator System CM 9537 TV Antenna Rotator Control Unit Channel Master Rotator Remote Control Replacement
Channel Master CM 4513128 Rotator Power Supply (CM4513128)
Our Price: $9.00
Channel Master Antenna Rotator Power Supply

TV Antenna Rotators

Most outdoor TV antennas are directional, and since a directional antenna works best when it is pointing at the TV station you are trying to watch, you will need to be able to rotate the antenna when you want to watch channels that are not in the same direction. This is done with a TV antenna rotator (sometimes also called a TV antenna rotor). TV antenna rotors are mast-mounted, motorized devices which allow users to conveniently rotate their outdoor TV antenna in any direction. This enables users to view desired TV channels with crystal clear reception that they wouldn't be able to receive without a high quality Channel Master TV antenna rotator system. The Channel Master TV antenna rotor is especially useful for individuals living in areas where broadcast towers send TV signals from different directions, and your current outdoor TV antenna cannot handle picking up multi-directional signals.

Continuous engineering has allowed Channel Master to create a high quality TV antenna rotator unit which has powerful control and precision TV antenna tuning. The one-piece cast aluminum housing, heavy duty rotator motor, precision cut gear system, wind tested brake pads, built-in steel thrust bearings, and a durable powder coat paint finish has made the Channel Master TV antenna rotator the industry standard in quality and functionality.

The Channel Master TV antenna rotator package includes an indoor control unit with remote control and an outdoor rotator motor unit. You orient your antenna using the indoor control unit which is connected to the rotor through a multi-conductor wire that carries the control signals from the indoor unit to the outdoor rotor unit. Channel Master manufactures the complete TV antenna rotator system, antenna rotator drive unit, antenna rotator control unit, remote control, and high quality round antenna rotator wire which comes in 75' and 1,000' segments.