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HDTV Antennas

Channel Master has been a leader in TV antennas for over 60 years, and has led the market with quality and engineering design. Channel Master provides a full range of TV antennas, including:
  • Omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas (they can pick up signals from any direction) for use in areas close to the TV station transmitter locations, or when local TV stations are not all in the same direction from your house.

  • Directional outdoor TV antennas (they primarily pick up signals from one direction) designed for locations that are anywhere from a few miles to over 100 miles to the TV station transmitter.

  • Both Omnidirectional and Directional indoor TV antennas for use in areas close to the TV station transmitter, or when it isn’t possible to install an outdoor TV antenna.

  • Channel Master also has designed unique antennas which incorporate the latest fractal antenna technology. This flat panel TV antenna is a sleek and innovative design which is aesthetically pleasing while providing excellent performance when in a good reception area relatively close to the desired TV station transmitter locations.
Each category in this section has more information regarding the uses and requirements for these products.