Discontinued | CM-3010 HDTV antenna has been replaced with CM-3000HD
CM 3010 Outdoor TV Antenna
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Price: $60.00

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The Channel Master CM 3010 STEALTHtenna is an outdoor TV antenna which will allow you to receive UHF, VHF, FM and HD signals. This antenna has a signal range of up to 45 miles and will pick up available local VHF and UHF channels from 54 to 216 MHz and 470 to 700 MHz. This antenna is very lightweight and compact, making it convenient when size matters. With an HD television you will pick up any crystal clear HD signals being broadcast in your area.

• Reception Range: Up to 45 miles
• Picks up UHF, VHF, FM and HD
• Antenna Size: 15 x 52 x 2.25 in
• Weight: 5.2 Pounds
• Versatile Mounting Options

Coaxial Cable sold separately
Antenna Mounts and Masts sold separately

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