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Powerline Network Adapter Kit | One 1 Port / One 4 Port adapters - Channel Master (CM6104) Powerline Network Adapter Kit | Two 1 Port adapters - Channel Master (CM6100)
Our Price: $65.00
Our Price: $56.00
Internet to TV 4-port Powerline Ethernet Switch Kit - CM6104 | Internet to TV 1-port Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit - CM6100 |
Home Networking

Home Networking has become important not just for interconnecting computers in the home, but for connecting home entertainment devices such as TV sets and DVRs to each other and to the Internet. New Internet enabled home entertainment features and programming sources are becoming available to the consumer. These include whole home DVR service, IP television (Internet TV), streaming video, video on demand, and over-the-top (OTT) services delivered through the Internet. In order to take full advantage of Internet TV applications, it is necessary to connect the TV set to the Internet. Since most homes don’t have Internet capability at the back of the TV set, Channel Master has developed home networking products to easily add this capability. Using the existing coaxial cable or the internal power wiring in the house, Channel Master has an Internet to TV product that will connect your TV set to the Internet. The same devices can also be used to network computers in the home together and to the home entertainment equipment to allow content stored on your computer to be seen on the TV set.

Wireless networking is not recommended for these video services as any interference to the WiFi signal will result in loss of video, tiling, and breakup of the video. For highest quality video, a wired solution is preferred. The two main home networking technologies that are used for these Internet to TV services are Ethernet over Coax using MoCA, and Ethernet over Powerline using HomePlug AV. Both MoCA and HomePlug AV are well established standards that are widely used around the world. Channel Master provides Internet to TV adapters for both coaxial and power line applications. Both product offerings are simple to use, and include optional 4-port Ethernet switches to allow multiple devices to be connected at one location.

Channel Master also provides a MoCA filter to use at the main entry point of the cable TV network to the home. This will prevent MoCA signals from entering or leaving the home, ensuring that your signals stay secure.