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Clear QAM/Broadcast Tuner Box
Our Price: $139.00
HD Antenna Tuner | CM-7001

Set Top Boxes

The US government has required all full-power TV stations to stop broadcasting analog signals and broadcast 100% digitally. After the digital transition, all TVs with an analog-only tuner need to be connected to a digital-to-analog converter. Viewers need a converter box for each analog TV set that is connected to an antenna. Channel Master has been at the forefront of developing high quality digital to analog converters that allow older TV sets connected to TV antennas to view new digital broadcasts. To provide more functionality to the consumer, Channel Master also provides a digital to analog converter for over-the-air television that can also be used to view unencrypted QAM signals carried on a cable telecommunications network.

One feature that satellite and cable TV subscribers have enjoyed for several years now are digital video recorders (DVRs) that allow the consumer to easily record programs for later viewing. Until now, this has been difficult for users of TV antennas to have this same ability without paying monthly subscription fees. Channel Master has developed a DVR designed specifically for use with antennas which gives the same DVR capability, including an electronic programming guide to make it easy to set up recording of future programs, without any fees.

New features and programming sources are becoming available to the consumer. These include DVRs, IP television (Internet TV), streaming video, video on demand, and over-the-top (OTT) services delivered through the Internet. All of these advanced services are now available to consumers without having to purchase cable television service or pay monthly fees. Channel Master provides DVRs designed for use with TV antennas and include Internet connectivity capability, opening up a whole new range of services for consumers to enjoy.

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